Tormod Ree

Senior Director and General Manager

Tormod Ree is the Senior Director and General Manager of the Spark Device Experiences group in Cisco’s Collaboration team. He is dedicated to making products and experiences that help teams create and do great things together. Tormod is responsible for building a portfolio of Cisco Spark products and Spark experiences on Cisco devices. Since joining Cisco in 2010 Tormod has held various positions in the Collaboration team in areas such as product management, strategy and field enablement. Tormod began his career as a management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group.


November 8, 2017


Meet the Need for Speed: Cisco Spark Board Annotation (and More)

3 min read

Explore a set of new Cisco Spark Board capabilities to improve creative teamwork. We’re adding annotation, improving how attendees see each other, and simplifying deployment.

June 2, 2017


Cisco Spark Board on Demand

1 min read

Speed and productivity were key when designing the Cisco Spark Board. Now, we make it easy to get with our Cisco Spark Board Access Plan with no up-front hardware costs.

January 24, 2017


How Cisco Spark Board Enables Create-and-Do

4 min read

A few weeks ago I invited my team to a cabin in the mountains for a work project. This is how we get stuff done in Norway. I plugged in a Cisco Spark Board and we were off. The Cisco Spark Board was really the only tool we needed to get work done right there and to bring in remote team members. The Cisco Spark Board is a team tablet for your wall. Think about it as a physical extension of Cisco Spark into conference rooms and huddle spaces (and cabins). There’s a lot of advanced technology behind the scenes, but it works a lot like a personal tablet. Hardware, software, and apps in one tool that is second nature to use.