OJ Winge

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Team Collaboration Group

OJ Winge’s vision is to transform teamwork through better collaboration within Cisco customers. As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Team Collaboration Group, he is responsible for the company’s WebEx-Spark platform. This industry-leading team tools portfolio is designed for customers at any point on their journey from on-premise solutions to cloud collaboration and the future of work.

Winge returned to Cisco in 2016 following Cisco’s acquisition of Acano, where he was Chief Executive Officer. He joined Acano as a partner in Ubon Partners, a strategic investment group.

Prior to Acano, Winge was responsible for the strategic direction of Cisco’s Telepresence and Unified Communications products and services as Senior Vice President of Collaboration at Cisco. Winge joined Cisco via the acquisition of Tandberg, where he was Executive Vice President of Products.

Winge began his career as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.


January 24, 2017


You Can’t Schedule Innovation

3 min read

Innovation doesn’t just happen at "9 a.m. next Tuesday." Ideas are unpredictable. And with fast-changing markets, CEOs are worried about keeping their organizations relevant. So many companies are disrupting markets that every company urgently needs both to create new ideas and get things done fast. Do is the new disrupt. But you need the right tools to speed innovation. Tools that inspire and engage teams. We are excited to be launching a magical experience with our Cisco Spark apps, the Cisco Spark Board, and the Cisco Spark cloud platform. It’s an experience that I believe will truly change the way people meet.

December 20, 2016


Do Is the New Disrupt

2 min read

For great products to take off, it takes the right timing of two forces coming together: psychology and technology. That same combination has not been available for teams in the workplace. The collaboration industry has been taking small steps toward this intersection of technology and psychology for a long time. Register to watch live on January 24 as we make the leap.