remote collaboration tools

April 14, 2020


An Inside View on the Red Dot Winning Cisco Webex Desk Pro Design

3 min read

With the Webex Desk Pro, we wanted to honour what a desk is really about – a place to focus. See the design behind staying focused, connected, effective, inspired and fulfilled at work while working from home.

April 14, 2020


The Red Dot Design Awards are Out for 2020 – Help us Celebrate!

4 min read

The newest additions to the Webex devices portfolio have won Red Dot awards including “best of the best” in the category for product design, represents Cisco’s deep heritage in award-winning engineering and innovation. 

Remote collaboration technologies in action

2 min read

Remote collaboration technologies help Cisco and our clients reduce emissions from air travel and commuting. Beyond reducing emissions, these technologies also increase employee productivity, promote work-life balance, and help us build customer relationships.