software development

October 13, 2022


Got Windows… But Jonesing For Linux?

5 min read

See how you can run Linux graphical applications on a Windows computer.

August 4, 2021


Transform Your Practice by Leveraging the Software-led Business Framework

4 min read

Adding software sales to a partner’s sales motion not only increases overall revenue but also provides more predictable, recurring revenue that comes with selling subscription-based software licenses. In addition, developing new services and capabilities based on software enable partners to bfurther differentiate themselves as they build customer loyalty and relevance.

February 9, 2021


The National Park Rule

3 min read

Have you ever juggled technical debt reduction with feature development? Come join us in a discussion for a way to manage cleanup.

August 19, 2020


Universal Release Criteria 2.0–A Disruptive Quality Management Framework

5 min read

Learn Cisco’s Universal Release Criteria to optimize the software development and release-quality process to deliver high-quality products and features.