Scott Saltsgaver

Technical Lead & Architect

CX Engineering

Scott Saltsgaver is a Technical Leader/Architect for Cisco’s Customer Experience Engineering group. Scott has worked at Cisco for almost 20 years and has worked in Cisco Services for last 10 years. Software has been Scott’s lifelong passion. He started learning BASIC on TRS-80s and Commodore 64s in middle school and moved on to Pascal and assembly in high school. After high school, Scott attended West Virginia University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Scott’s professional career has spanned from 386EX based embedded systems, Unix, Linux and now onto full-stack development in the cloud. A core philosophy is every decision has a pro and a con. It is the job of a leader to guide their team through those uncertain decisions. Scott loves to discuss the history and trends of technology, if you do as well, send him a tweet.


February 9, 2021


The National Park Rule

3 min read

Have you ever juggled technical debt reduction with feature development? Come join us in a discussion for a way to manage cleanup.

October 20, 2020


Software Development and Agile Can Be at Odds

3 min read

CX is entering year two of a transformation that includes the adoption of Agile processes across a large global team. Agile is being mapped to business processes, engineering processes, and onwards. Though there are benefits, software development and Agile can be at odds.