Paddu Melanahalli

Director, Software Development

Intent-Based Networking Group (IBNG)

Paddu Melanahalli is Director of Engineering and Business Analytics for Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Business, which generates over $17 billion in revenue. Since joining Cisco in 1999, Paddu has been at the forefront of Cisco’s mission to build industry-leading products that maximize growth. Currently, he runs the large-scale transformation initiatives and functions focusing on DevSecOps and Technical documentation, Operational Data Science, Product Quality & Planning. He pioneered the application of data science and analytics to Cisco’s product development and operations. He also drove engineering innovations in the area s like SD WAN, WAN Optimization and NMS technologies. Prior to Cisco, Paddu held various customer facing and internal engineering roles in NEC America, Inc. He was responsible for leading development teams and customer deployment support operations. Paddu is passionate about educating the youth on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). He sponsors Cisco’s connection to “Ignited Education,” a nonprofit organization that provides educators with fellowships and business connections and inspires students to become the future innovators and also playing a leadership role in OSAAT – One school at a time, A non-profit working in education fields. Instagram: paddu_mn


August 19, 2020


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June 23, 2020


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May 13, 2020


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