December 15, 2020


Software Skills Give Network Pros Super Powers

Add software skills to your networking teams' toolkits to help them solve your most important challenges.

August 19, 2020


Universal Release Criteria 2.0–A Disruptive Quality Management Framework

Learn Cisco’s Universal Release Criteria to optimize the software development and release-quality process to deliver high-quality products and features.

May 13, 2020


How do you gauge software quality before deployment?

Quality can never be an afterthought. To optimize the software development process and deliver high-quality products and features, every aspect of software development and release logistics requires a quality-conscious culture

December 18, 2019


Enterprise Networking in 2020: 5 Trends to Watch in Wireless, SD-WAN, More

Networking isn’t what it used to be. The epicenter of networking has moved from company-owned datacenters to the cloud. Wireless networks also change how we connect our locations together, how we think about security, the economics of networking, and how we take care of them. 2020 is going to be an exciting year, where Wireless is not just Wi-Fi or 5G—it’s both.

September 6, 2019


How to Get Good at Pac Man – a Coding Journey

If the ability to write code is a super power, my origin story is rooted in an obsession with classic coin-op video games that started when I was 10 years old.

May 21, 2019


DevNet Celebrates 5 Years at Cisco Live

"DevNet and I have personally been at every Cisco Live since that event. We are constantly looking at how to improve the experience and to increase attendance." Mike Mackay invites you to celebrate 5 years of the DevNet Zone.

March 26, 2019


A Python Therapist is Born

Aaron shares his experience in learning a new skill with Python, and how he realize that the frustration is all part of the process.

March 4, 2019


Why Did I Start to Learn Go(lang)?

To start learning Golang, I built my local environment and also played with a tour of Go, then picked up the basics, such as Variables, Primitives, Constants, and Arrays and Slices.