The ServiceGrid Golden Circle

2 min read

In Simon Sinek’s now famous TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action more than 25 million views served as the catalyst for his book, Start with Why. Sinek explains that for a person or an organization to be successful, they must be intentional about creating a compelling message that others are inspired by and are […]

Succeeding in the Age of Digital Disruption & Complexity

2 min read

This year, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 3rd Platform technologies (i.e. cloud, analytics, mobility, social) have been responsible for one-third of all IT spending and account for virtually 100% of all IT spending growth. As more enterprises engage in digitally collaborative partnerships, we’ll see more dollars being allocated to ensure companies can keep […]

3 Key Success Factors for Multi-sourcing

3 min read

The rise of multi-sourced IT delivery models is well documented, and multi-sourcing is now accepted as the new normal. Today’s outsourcing market demands solutions that anticipate and respond to business activity inside and outside the organization while simultaneously dealing with a rapidly shifting landscape of providers. This drives the need for a global digital infrastructure […]

Service Integration and Management (SIAM): Helps You Efficiently Manage Your Support Ecosystem

2 min read

“Simply put, successful multisourcing requires establishing end-to-end visibility, reporting and accountability for services that are delivered by multiple suppliers.”1 -Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research For the past two decades many enterprises managed their IT vendor relationships pretty much the same with batch updates and reviews. That worked well when they were fully outsourcing their […]

July 30, 2014


SIAM: the next ITIL?

2 min read

The acronym SIAM stands for Service Integration And Management, and it is a hot topic in the world of IT Service Management…..but why? Service integration models have been around awhile, but are evolving from the challenges of managing a small number of large service partners to a model of managing a larger number of smaller […]