Golden CircleIn Simon Sinek’s now famous TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action more than 25 million views served as the catalyst for his book, Start with Why.

Sinek explains that for a person or an organization to be successful, they must be intentional about creating a compelling message that others are inspired by and are inclined to act upon. This message must demonstrate three things – knowing the why, how, and what of what you do. It’s referred to as The Golden Circle and I thought it would be interesting to tie this concept to Cisco ServiceGrid.

The ServiceGrid Golden Circle


Our why is quite simple. We know every year our customers’ IT ecosystems become more complex and they are looking for ways to simplify vendor management, accelerate speed to resolution, and reduce exposure to risk. Cisco ServiceGrid exists to help our customers conquer complexity and evolve their support by enabling them to manage all their services in one place.


ServiceGrid specifically helps Service Providers conquer complexity by securely connecting people, processes, and data. But, before you read our real-world examples of how ServiceGrid helped a couple of our customers, I encourage you to take 95 seconds to watch this overview video first.

In the last few years organizations have experienced a more than five-fold increase in the number of IT Service Providers in their service ecosystem. With the emergence of IoT that trend will accelerate, thus making service delivery and orchestration more challenging and complex. Despite this complexity, the opportunity for Service Providers to create value for their customers remains high. Over the next 10 years, Service Providers can capitalize on an estimated $1.7 Trillion — if they have the right resources in place.

This is where ServiceGrid comes in. Our offering is helping Service Providers across the globe:

  • Increase customer loyalty and renewal rates
  • Eliminate manual effort and reduce operating expenses
  • Offer leading edge service delivery capabilities in response to increased competitive pressures

It’s a fact that operational complexity can stifle business growth, but our Service Provider customers have found Cisco ServiceGrid a valuable resource that removes complexity and drives profitable business outcomes.

Two service providers that illustrate this are:

Kapsch TrafficCom, global leader in electronic toll collect systems, needed to find an easier way to automate service delivery across a large partner ecosystem in 42 countries. Cisco ServiceGrid was used to provide seamless end-to-end service processes for 280 projects globally. Our cloud-based service management and integration platform allowed Kapsch to deliver best in class availability and uptime to its customers.

Hessian Center for Data Processing (HZD), a central IT service provider for the Hessian state government in Germany, needed to integrate help desk systems in the 17 federal states of Germany to improve incident management as well as centralize data storage for all service tickets. ServiceGrid displayed all possible ticket processes through a single, comprehensive view and allowed all states to leverage existing systems and investments.


Last, but not least is the “What?” What is ServiceGrid?

In a nutshell, ServiceGrid is an integration platform in the cloud that provides a scalable, highly secure and fast way to manage multi-sourced services, in one place. It simply and seamlessly connects enterprises and their service providers for automated, real-time support communication.

And there you have it…The ServiceGrid Golden Circle. Are you in control of your multi-source delivery system? Find out how ServiceGrid can help.


Jim McDonnell

Director, General Manager

ServiceGrid, CMCP, UCSF Alliance