May 10, 2023


Learn about DevSecOps at Cisco Live

Learning about DevSecOps can empower your dev team to understand, discover, and fix vulnerabilities before they head downstream. Check out the Cisco Live "Dev+Sec+Ops=Success" learning map and video.

January 17, 2023


The Many Flavors of DevOps

NetDevOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, DataOps, NoOps... What's it all mean? Get a better understanding of the many DevOps job roles and the different directions the roles are taking across the software technology spectrum.

July 11, 2022


Why Your Network Automation Should Shift Left Now

“Shift left” security is moving security to the soonest feasible point in the development process. We look at what it means to combine security concerns with the NetDevOps model to ensure that security is an integral part of the software development life cycle and for network automation.

April 21, 2022


Worst-Case Scenarios: What Happens If You Don’t Do DevSecOps?

Is DevSecOps really necessary? What would happen if an organization adopted DevOps but continued to do security traditionally? Spoiler alert: nothing good...

February 7, 2022


What DevSecOps Means for Your CI/CD Pipeline

Learn about the key areas to consider when it comes to DevSecOps and CI/CD, so you can make tailored selections of the security features that best match the type of CI/CD pipeline you’ve chosen.

January 20, 2022


How To Do DevSecOps for Kubernetes

Get an overview of security concerns related to Kubernetes, and a look at the built-in security capabilities that Kubernetes brings to the table.

December 15, 2021


Why Security Can’t Be An Afterthought in DevOps

DevOps empowers developers to take full responsibility for the end-to-end process of developing code, deploying it to production, and monitoring it post-release. See how DevSecOps "shifts left" responsibility for security in the DevOps pipeline - from the operations team to the development team.

September 27, 2021


Security Champions & Coaches: Knock Out Common Vulnerabilities

Tune in to Matias Madou’s session at DevNet Create 2021 - “Why your development team needs security champions & coaches in the fight against common vulnerabilities.”

April 21, 2021


The Need for Continuous and Dynamic Threat Modeling

The trend towards accelerated application development, regularly updating the architecture through an agile methodology, led us to strategize ways to continuously, and dynamically, threat model an application architecture during runtime.