Open RAN

June 26, 2023


Cisco and Intel Demonstrate Interoperability for Open RAN

3 min read

Cisco and Intel validate interoperability between Cisco Nexus 93180YC-FX3 Switch and Intel® Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters that feature enhanced timing capabilities for faster and lower cost Open RAN (Radio Access Networks) deployments.

Why Innovation Is Key To Connecting The Next 3 Billion

3 min read

It is incredibly challenging to provide high-speed connectivity in rural areas. Service providers need to innovate and go beyond the traditional network deployment models to provide broadband connectivity in difficult-to-reach areas. Open RAN provides a paradigm shift beyond traditional network deployment and will help connect the remaining half of the world's population.

Cisco Strengthens O-RAN Market Position with Open Fronthaul Gateway Public Demo

3 min read

Cisco has been a pioneer within the O-RAN Alliance pushing for open standards and interoperability in all areas of the radio access transport network. This multivendor interoperability demonstration showcases the Cisco NCS 540 FH in an O-RAN fronthaul use case per the Open Fronthaul Gateway Specification.

June 29, 2021


Deploy 5G O-RAN with Cisco Nexus 9000

5 min read

Open RAN (O-RAN) deployments based on Nexus 9000 swiches save costs by eliminating vendor lock-in and enabling telecom service providers to leverage virtualization at the edge for innovative apps and services. Learn about the Open-RAN architecture, the PTP telecom profile, and deployment models of O-RAN using Cisco Nexus 9000 switches.

Comparing Lower Layer Splits for Open Fronthaul Deployments

11 min read

The transition to open RAN (Radio Access Network) based on interoperable lower layer splits is gaining significant momentum across the mobile industry. However, where best to split the open RAN is a complex compromise between radio unit (RU) simplification, support of advanced coordinated multipoint RF capabilities, consequential limitations on transport delay budgets as well as bandwidth expansion. This post compares the two leading alternative splits for realizing an interoperable open RAN.

September 22, 2020


Security in Open RAN Networks

4 min read

Many mobile network operators are considering deployment of open, decomposed, and modular radio access networks for 5G advanced wireless networks. The business rationale for adopting this network architecture is evident in light of the current state of the supply chain for network infrastructure. The current pool of vendors for technology in the Radio Access Network […]

Open vRAN Collaboration to Accelerate Solution Deployments

3 min read

Today, World Wide Technology (WWT) announced a collaboration with Cisco, along with Altiostar, to develop an Open vRAN blueprint and validation lab and program for service provider networks.  I’d like to take a few minutes to explain why this agreement is significant for our service provider customers.