Prakash Daga

Director, Product Management

Global Service Provider

Prakash Daga has been in networking industry for over 18 years . He is currently leading Product Management in the SP Transport portfolio of Cisco.


Introducing 400G in Access Network

3 min read

Introducing 400G portfolio in Access to cater to increased broadband and 5G mobility demand.

Cisco Strengthens O-RAN Market Position with Open Fronthaul Gateway Public Demo

3 min read

Cisco has been a pioneer within the O-RAN Alliance pushing for open standards and interoperability in all areas of the radio access transport network. This multivendor interoperability demonstration showcases the Cisco NCS 540 FH in an O-RAN fronthaul use case per the Open Fronthaul Gateway Specification.

Building Trust in Your Access Network

3 min read

With 5G deployments gaining traction, routers are now increasingly deployed in distributed, remote architectures and depended on as critical infrastructure. Cisco’s trustworthy platforms ensure customers can validate the authenticity of their devices in both hardware and software to help eliminate malicious access to the network and significantly improve the CSP’s security posture.

December 17, 2020


The Future of the Cell Site is the Router

4 min read

As 5G foot print increases - the fiber availability to Cell Site is also increasing. Moving Cell SIte to Layer 3 technology will be expensive and requires a Cell SIte to perform more functions and enable more services. Find out why the router is the key to the future of the Cell Site.

December 7, 2020


How to Build Profitable Access Networks

3 min read

Access Network transformation is critical as the demand increases for 5G, Rural Broadband, and Country digitization.