Sonu Khandelwal

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

Cloud Networking

Sonu Khandelwal is a Principal Technical Marketing Engineer in Cisco's Data Center business unit. He is leading a team of technical marketing engineers focused on Cisco NX-OS, VXLAN and NDFC. He is passionate about telecom datacenter (Telco DC) deployments related to Open-RAN and 5G technologies. He works with the engineering team and customers to constantly add innovation for Cisco in Telco DC space. He has written several whitepapers and presented in multiple public forums in this technology domain and is recognized as a distinguished speaker at Cisco Live.


June 29, 2021


Deploy 5G O-RAN with Cisco Nexus 9000

Open RAN (O-RAN) deployments based on Nexus 9000 swiches save costs by eliminating vendor lock-in and enabling telecom service providers to leverage virtualization at the edge for innovative apps and services. Learn about the Open-RAN architecture, the PTP telecom profile, and deployment models of O-RAN using Cisco Nexus 9000 switches.