Innovation Centers

October 8, 2018


Cultivating Innovation within Your Organization

5 min read

Innovation is an ongoing mindset, not just a project with a beginning and an end. We must foster an environment where our employees feel empowered to explore new ideas and give them the opportunity to collaborate.

September 24, 2018


Hit the Gas on Co-Innovation

4 min read

It’s important to stay ahead of the pace of digital disruption and to do this we must work together. Co-developing ideas and solutions in an openly collaborative environment is key to successfully innovate.

July 28, 2016


#TransformationThursday: Innovation at its Finest

3 min read

Co-authored with Dani Schrakamp The Glass Half-Full: We as a human race have so much to be proud of and excited for – look at us, we’ve learned to fly, gone to the moon, overcome horrific tragedy and invented a little something called the Internet, which connects us all regardless of where we physically reside. […]

June 23, 2016


Succeeding with Customers and Partners in the “Co-Economy”

3 min read

Cooperation, co-development, co-opetition. What does it take to succeed in the “co-economy”? Just as the “sharing economy” has changed the basic assumptions upon which the hotel and taxi industries are built, the “co-economy” is changing some of the fundamental ways we think about developing and bringing innovations to market.

February 15, 2016


IoT in Action: Innovation in Sydney Gains Traction

2 min read

What do idyllic beaches, a breathtaking harbor, iconic opera house, efficient agriculture, smart transportation – and the Internet of Things – all have in common? Answer: Sydney, Australia. Now, one of the world’s most vibrant communities and tourist locations is rapidly becoming another kind of global hub – a showcase to incubate and bring IoT […]

October 16, 2015


New Berlin Innovation Center Accelerates ‘Network Multiplier’

2 min read

At yesterday’s inauguration of Cisco’s ninth Innovation Center in the world, Berlin’s smartest new facility was abuzz with startup-like excitement for the possibilities of what the new digital world can deliver. I mingled with Cisco colleagues, customers, partners, app developers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and the media in our latest showcase working lab, embedded with more […]

April 7, 2015


Let’s CHILL… an IoE innovation acronym

1 min read

Hyper innovation is needed to match the pace of change in technology