Cayla Yang

Program Manager, Wildlife and Sustainability Innovation

Innovation Programs and Strategy- Cisco Innovation Network

Having worked to turn her passion into a career, Cayla is the program manager for Cisco’s wildlife conservation efforts, responsible for all relationship management, opportunity development, and project oversight. As the driving force behind this unique program, Cayla works with a growing network of strategic partners to help solve critical environmental issues with the help of world-class technology and innovation teams. Cayla is a strong proponent of ‘conscientious corporations’ and believes that technology and education are the key to unlocking the potential of, and empowering, communities across the globe.

Cayla is known for her strong communications skills and commitment to partners, emphasizing trust, clarity and reliability when building relationships across industries. Having previously held roles in marketing, operations and strategic consulting, Cayla is able to work towards big picture objectives by executing efficiently on short-term milestones and delivering measurable value for key stakeholders. Cayla helps drive strong alignment with corporate social responsibility teams and global co-innovation centers to promote sustainability initiatives externally and internally; emphasizing that programs that are good for the planet are also good for business.


March 3, 2020


Waking Up to Follow a Dream

3 min read

For World Wildlife Day, Cayla shares her story of checking off all the appropriate boxes for adulthood, but only being 'fine' with her career. Then, she decided to follow a dream which led her to Cisco and working with our Sustainable Impact Program.