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December 19, 2023


Partnering for Purpose: A Year in Focus

3 min read

This is typically the time of year when we take time to reflect, and looking back, 2023 has been a wonderful year of fulfillment and purpose for me, specifically in my role leading Partnering for Purpose.

December 1, 2023


Embracing Sustainability: Embark on the Journey to a More Sustainable Future!

3 min read

Sustainability isn’t just about protecting the planet for future generations. It’s also about preserving the delicate balance that allows life to thrive today and tomorrow.

November 16, 2023


Partner Summit 2023: Partner managed services is at the heart of transformation!

4 min read

Cisco Partner Summit 2023 was last week, and I’m still feeling the excitement! We had a record number of attendees and gorgeous Miami beaches to take in. The whole experience was powered by information, inspiration and connection.

December 8, 2016


How One Disti Partner Puts “Smarketing” In Play

2 min read

Partners of all types across the globe have one very important thing in common. Yes, they all want to become more profitable; but, they also want to help facilitate this by aligning their sales and marketing teams more closely. While some still see marketing as a “support” role, it really is critical to a healthy, […]