February 16, 2017


5 Imperative “Must Haves” for Your Cloud Strategy

3 min read

Cloud is a top investment area for digital transformation but why is it that only 3% of enterprises have an optimized cloud strategy? In a recent InfoBrief sponsored by Cisco, IDC categorizes the maturity spectrum of cloud adopting organizations from ad-hoc (beginning awareness and immediacy to adopt) to optimized (mature and delivering IT-enabled products and services).

February 15, 2017


Transform Your 5G Mobile Networks With a New Approach to Security!

1 min read

Digitization is opening up new business opportunities for Service Providers. 5G is enabing mobile operators to evolve their core and IP networks to deploy new revenue generating services and more impactful experiences bringing greater business agility, reduced cost, and complexity.

February 14, 2017


SD-WAN is Mission-Critical – Don’t Leave Critical Functions Shortchanged

2 min read

There is justifiably a great deal of hype around the rise of Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN). Organizations are becoming more digitized and increasingly rely upon a mixture of public and private cloud-based applications for day-to-day functions

February 10, 2017


Empowering Employees To Execute with Actionable Accountability

1 min read

To enable actionable accountability, establish clear measurement criteria based on roles and responsibilities. Then enable people to act and challenge the metrics to align to a new business model allowing them to measure that progress. Remember that criteria should be cross-functional and applied through organizational lines of authority. In addition, measurements should roll up and […]

February 2, 2017


Getting to Better Business Outcomes with Cloud

1 min read

I’ve spent a lot of time hearing from our customers about cloud adoption and there are three things they all agree on: (1) it’s essential to digitization, (2) not everyone starts the journey in the same place, and (3) there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Some customers need support for new cloud native as well as […]

January 31, 2017


Ten Predictions on How Innovation Will Disrupt Business and Culture in 2017

4 min read

How will companies and our culture be influenced by innovation disruption in 2017? Learn 10 predictions from Alex Goryachev.

January 25, 2017


Creating the Workforce of Digitization

2 min read

Digitization is changing every part of today’s enterprise. To take advantage of new business opportunities, organizations are moving quickly to design and deploy new technologies like cloud, mobility, analytics, the IoT and next-generation security. The challenge is finding the workforce skilled in these new, rapidly-evolving technologies. I recently wrote an article on these industry shifts […]

Cisco’s FY16 CSR Report: Empowering Global Problem Solvers

3 min read

This blog originally appeared on The Platform. We live in the age of digitization where astonishing opportunities emerge when people and devices connect. Mobile technology empowers remote workers. IoT-based factories achieve new levels of efficiency. Sensors monitor the availability of clean drinking water. We are innovating and reaching people in ways never before possible. At […]

December 13, 2016


Why the “Seven Steps of Cyber Resilience” Prove Critical for Digital Transformation

3 min read

Organizations aren’t just talking about digital transformation – they’re doing it: More than 75 percent of global business leaders cite digitization as a top strategic priority and nearly seven in ten say their company will meet its digital transformation objectives this year, according to a recent survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit. To advance these […]