Tejas R Vashi

Senior Director, Product Strategy & Marketing

Learning@Cisco, Cisco Services

Tejas Vashi is an advocate for learning and its critical impact on business transformation. In his role as senior director of product strategy and marketing at Learning@Cisco, he is responsible for defining the education strategy, driving business innovation and establishing strategic industry partnerships.

A technology industry and Cisco veteran, he has seen firsthand the effect that technology can have in driving business growth and is considered a thought leader in learning as it applies to business transformation. He believes education is essential to activate new technologies, and has devoted his career to redefining talent enablement for today’s digitized world.

Prior to joining Cisco, Tejas gained broad experience in industry. He worked in design, testing, and quality engineering capacities, directed manufacturing projects and led product marketing efforts. Throughout his career, he’s demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for leading business growth and inspiring innovation. In his time at Cabletron Systems, a networking provider, he demonstrated this spirit by expanding the company’s footprint into Asia-Pacific. At Cisco, he helped integrate optical technologies into high-speed data networks to create a new line of business for the company.

Tejas holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and a Master of Business Administration from Temple University, in Philadelphia, PA.


October 3, 2017


3 Ways to Reinvent Yourself as a Network Engineer

2 min read

As the Network Engineering job role changes, Learning@Cisco and DevNet provide resources for skills transition. Network engineering, as a job role, has shifted dramatically over the past 20 years. In the past, network engineers were responsible for keeping the network up and running, but the job role today is much more complex. Digital transformation, automation […]

June 23, 2017


Securing Your Data in the Transformation to Digital

2 min read

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a joint webinar between Cisco and Global Knowledge Canada to discuss Cisco’s latest cybersecurity industry research, the security challenges organizations face today, and how organizations can mitigate risks. After a detailed conversation with Brad Haynes, Cisco product specialist at Global Knowledge Canada, here are my top three […]

June 26, 2017


Essential Skills for an Entirely New Era in Networking

3 min read

As an IT professional, software-defined automation (SDA) is poised to play an important role in your career. Next-level network automation allows you to take on new challenges, achieve business goals.

January 25, 2017


Creating the Workforce of Digitization

2 min read

Digitization is changing every part of today’s enterprise. To take advantage of new business opportunities, organizations are moving quickly to design and deploy new technologies like cloud, mobility, analytics, the IoT and next-generation security. The challenge is finding the workforce skilled in these new, rapidly-evolving technologies. I recently wrote an article on these industry shifts […]

January 17, 2017


Aligning the Analytics and Data Center Workforce to Evolving Job Roles

3 min read

In the new digital era, the ability to connect data, processes and experiences are becoming critical elements of successful digital business transformation. Enterprises need to access data from anywhere, analyze it, and make real-time decisions to fuel innovation and accelerate data-driven business outcomes. A 2014 Cisco survey found that 40 percent of enterprises believe that […]

June 14, 2016


Closing the talent gap to secure the future: Cisco rolls out $10 million cybersecurity scholarship

4 min read

Finding – and keeping – the cybersecurity talent required for today’s digital economy is a serious challenge. And it’s getting worse. Here at Cisco, we’re perpetually hearing from employers and hiring managers about their struggles with the growing cybersecurity skills gap. How bad is it? Well, the RSA Conference and ISACA’s State of Cybersecurity: Implications […]

May 17, 2016


CCNA Routing & Switching Certification for the New Digital Landscape

2 min read

We’ve all watched as companies like Uber, Airbnb, Square and even Amazon have fundamentally changed the way we interact, consume and buy. Traditional business models have been completely flipped on their heads and the lines between business sectors have become blurred. Whether you are an IT network professional or managing an intelligent, IoT-based infrastructure, these […]

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