May 1, 2018


CloudCenter 4.9 Now Supports Kubernetes and Azure Stack

6 min read

The Cisco team is focused on continuing to deliver multicloud solutions to customers, which is why we are proud to announce the release of CloudCenter 4.9.

April 24, 2018


Managing Production-Grade Kubernetes in Production

5 min read

It is easy to download in install Kubernetes and get started. But what if you are running Kubernetes in production and supporting a range of application service teams from different business units?

April 20, 2018


The Southern California Linux Expo is Not Just About Linux

2 min read

SoCal Linux Expo (“SCaLE”) founder Ilan Rabinovitch joins this week’s Cloud Unfiltered podcast to discuss how Linux is still evolving like crazy, from containers and automation to security and monitoring.

April 18, 2018


BroadSoft, Now Part of Cisco, Enhances Cloud Calling Portfolio

2 min read

As part of Cisco, Broadsoft enhances our two leading portfolios to deliver better value to customers. BroadSoft's UCaaS installed base includes more than 19 million business lines across 80 countries.

April 17, 2018


A Day In the Life of a Modern Applications Developer – DevOps Series, Part 3

4 min read

Wouldn't it be nice to have developers and network operators (Dev and Ops) working together to alleviate issues and accelerate the introduction of new software capabilities in your applications?

April 11, 2018


Kubernetes Gains Momentum in the Enterprise

4 min read

Pretty clear that developers are choosing Kubernetes in droves to manage multi-host container installations. But why do developers love Kubernetes so much? What do they get out of it?

April 9, 2018


What Have We Done With Our Personal Data?

2 min read

Have you deleted your Facebook account in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica news? I’m not saying you should—really, I’m not—I’m just wondering. Because if you’ve tried, you may have figured out that it’s not that easy.

Cisco Offers Expanded Media Blueprint Portfolio to Accelerate Potential of Cloud and IP Technology

2 min read

Cisco has taken a leadership role to industrialize the media ecosystem around IP and cloud technology implementations and operations.

April 5, 2018


The Next Evolution of PaaS

3 min read

Breaking up is hard to do, but if it’s concerning PaaS and meeting the growing needs of enterprises and their developers, breaking up—or disaggregation—is exactly what should happen.