Media Blueprint

September 13, 2018


Cisco @IBC 2018: “Dailies” to “Hourlies;” Venues to Studios: How Our Media Blueprint is Reaching into Film and S …

The Cisco Media Blueprint is spanning the infrastructure and software components to help our media partners power new ways to create, manage and distribute digital content.

NAB 2018: here’s what you saw with the Cisco team

Sleep deprived?  If you are one of 200 or so people on my flight back to NYC from Vegas, you sure as heck are!  With another successful NAB in the...

NAB Show Day 3: Getting married, or getting a media ecosystem?

A quick recap of our third day at NAB and a reflection on how business partnerships are very much like a marriage.

NAB Show Day 2: I didn’t want to join the circus

Working in the media has always required a varied skill set and flexible approach. The rapidly changing environment requires new and innovative responses. But it's time to stop juggling.

Cisco Offers Expanded Media Blueprint Portfolio to Accelerate Potential of Cloud and IP Technology

Cisco has taken a leadership role to industrialize the media ecosystem around IP and cloud technology implementations and operations.

September 17, 2017


IBC 2017: A Media Blueprint for the Intersection of Sports and the Transition to IP

Sports is sprinting ahead in the all-IP transition that we see so many media and entertainment companies considering.

September 16, 2017


IBC 2017: Cloudian, Cisco, and Important Trends in Media Storage

Cisco has expanded our partnership with the fabulous folks at Cloudian, who are building ways for content providers to use S3 for private cloud access.

September 15, 2017


How to Evolve Media Infrastructure, and Sleep Well at Night

New security threats can be unsettling, but with the right security foundation, media companies can gain the visibility and control that they need across their IP and cloud infrastructure.