Adoption of cloud and IP technology in the media industry continues to progress rapidly as companies meet the challenges associated with delivering any-screen digital experiences that are more viewer-driven, over-the-top-styled, and cloud-based.

The technology revolution in media and entertainment began by exploring the technical advantages an IP network and cloud infrastructure offer broadcast production in terms of scale and flexibility. Now the conversation is expanding to ‘what you can do with IP and cloud technology in the production of content?

This change is happening now. Cisco has taken a leadership role to industrialize the media ecosystem around IP and cloud technology implementations and operations. We accomplish this by offering the industry’s most comprehensive approach to scaling content production and distribution, accelerating service delivery, and simplifying operations and security.

We are industrializing this approach through our commitment to ecosystem and channel partners by offering the programs, training and certifications that provide the expertise and confidence that our joint solutions reliably operate under rigorous customer workloads and conditions.

At NAB 2018, Cisco is introducing new solutions, programs and innovations to the Cisco Media Blueprint, a set of IP-based infrastructure and software solutions that securely accelerate the production, playout and distribution of immersive experiences. These capabilities will be demonstrated at the Cisco booth in South Hall, SU8502CM.

The Cisco Media Blueprint’s expanded capabilities now include multi-cloud orchestration, application management, and collaboration solutions, in addition to enhancements across core IP networking, data center, security and distribution. With these additions, we are enabling media and entertainment companies to achieve:

  • Performance at scale with automated and intuitive IP networking and cloud infrastructure. Key elements include:
    • New programs to enable our channel partners to more effectively deliver joint Cisco and partner solutions to the market, demonstrating our open/standards-based approach and best-in-class offers that provide partner choice for customers.
    • Cisco IP Broadcast training for customers and partners to help close the IP skills shortage in the broadcast industry and accelerate adoption.
    • Scalable and cloud-based media storage solutions with partners Cloudian, Scality and Swiftstack, to enable more active data storage, management and access across multiple clouds.
  • Operational excellence with real-time intelligence, security and optimization across multi-cloud data center and distribution environments. Key elements include:
    • Introducing Cisco CloudCenter for managing multi-cloud workflows to simplify the support of hybrid IT strategies across data center, private and public clouds by automating deployment, migration and management of media-specific workflows.
    • Introducing AppDynamics for application performance management, ensuring applications meet performance expectations with automatic monitoring and faster mean-time-to-repair.
    • Multi-layered security architecture for media, delivering comprehensive visibility, segmentation and threat protection to secure premium content, infrastructure, and business across media production, IT, and multi-cloud environments.
    • Demonstrating our reliable IP-based primary distribution with the D9800 multi-input/output platform to migrate from satellite to terrestrial primary distribution, Virtual DCM smart rate control for consistent ABR video quality with bandwidth and cost optimization, and glass-to-glass low latency ABR distribution.
  • Always-on Collaboration with simplified and real-time interactions among expert teams via Cisco Spark, enabling new ways to jointly create and share files and screens – and create shared spaces for immersive video collaboration.

Cisco is working with leading software providers, system integrators and technology ecosystem partners to ensure that joint customers navigate the transition to cloud and IP with confidence.

Our customers continue to realize the benefits of an open, cloud-based and IP-centric architecture to manage intense demands on their video production and distribution networks, and we are pleased to demonstrate our continued innovations in cloud and IP technology with this broad list of Cisco Media Blueprint capabilities.


Roger Sherwood

Sales Manager

Media & Entertainment