Cisco Silicon One

Building AI/ML Networks with Cisco Silicon One

Customers can deploy Cisco Silicon One to power their AI/ML networks and configure the network to use standard Ethernet, telemetry assisted Ethernet, or fully scheduled fabrics. As workloads evolve, they can continue to evolve their thinking with Cisco Silicon One’s programmable architecture.

October 17, 2022


Enabling the Web Evolution

Covering the evolution taking place in the Web segment, the trends and inflections we see in those areas, and how we are partnering with our customers on their digital transformation journeys.

August 8, 2022


Myth Busting Part 3: Not all 400G and 800G switches are created equally

While other network providers continue to use commodity chips, Cisco has been developing custom silicon for Nexus switches since 2014. Creating our own ASIC was the only way to fully realize the promise of software-defined networking and enable advanced capabilities like network segmentation, flexible forwarding, intelligent buffering, and deep telemetry.

February 3, 2022


The Network. Powering Hybrid Work.

Cisco is releasing several innovative technology enhancements that will enhance IT’s ability to support hybrid work in all types of organizations.

February 3, 2022


Cisco Silicon One Powers the Next-Generation Enterprise Switches

The new Catalyst enterprise switches include Cisco Silicon One Q200 ASICs, delivering truly converged switching and routing silicon architecture. Learn how this creates the most powerful, power-efficient campus core switches.

January 24, 2022


Internet2 Next Generation Infrastructure now Operational

Cisco has transitioned Internet2’s research and education (R&E) network traffic to a Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI), a fifth-generation backbone that supports up to 32 terabits per segment (Tbps) throughput with zero congestion — a 4X increase in performance.

January 11, 2022


Hybrid Work is the New Reality

Hybrid work has become a popular topic with the slow recovery from a global pandemic that suddenly threw many people into virtual working and left companies unprepared for the change. That’s where hybrid work comes in, offering both employers and employees the best of both worlds.

December 3, 2021


Checkmate in One…Cisco Silicon One

You can’t solve future problems with old methods. Cisco Silicon One, powering the Internet for the Future.