Liz Centoni

Executive Vice President

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Liz Centoni is Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Experience Officer. In this role, she leads a 20,000 strong team who helps customers transform, differentiate, and accelerate their business value through a broad portfolio of software, subscription, and lifecycle services. She has a passion for applying technology to facilitate and support customer success and adoption across the entire portfolio, and ultimately deliver unparalleled experiences in new and innovative ways. Liz recently served as Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and GM of Applications at Cisco. As Cisco’s Chief Strategy Officer, she helped to drive the multi-national digital technology corporation’s overall strategic direction. As General Manager of Applications, she led the business strategy and development efforts for the SaaS portfolio that powers optimized experiences for customers‘ applications, which are increasingly central to their businesses in today‘s digital, cloud-first world. She also helped design, develop and launch Outshift by Cisco, a team incubating emerging technologies to create new markets and businesses for Cisco. She is a voting member of Cisco’s Investment review board which directs the company’s efforts with startups and the global venture community. Other Cisco roles include Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco‘s Cloud, Compute, and IoT business. Liz was instrumental in developing, executing, and evangelizing Cisco‘s IoT portfolio strategy in Industrial IoT, Edge Intelligence and SaaS-based cellular connectivity platform for devices ranging from Connected Cars to Smart meters, driving it to profitable growth and leading Digital Transformation initiatives. In Cloud and Computing Systems, Liz led the team to define and execute the strategy enabling our customers’ operating model needs in Hybrid Cloud. This included building the SaaS hybrid cloud platform, expanding into adjacent markets such as Hyperconverged and leading the industry in cloud-managed solutions for the compute market. In addition, she has held multiple engineering roles leading global teams building software and central engineering services, executing engineering plans with feature velocity, quality and focus on getting it right for the customer. Liz Centoni is an active mentor and sponsor of underrepresented groups, including serving as Cisco’s Global Executive Sponsor for the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program. Liz serves on the Board of Directors for Mercedes-Benz AG. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai and an M.B.A. from the University of San Francisco.


February 6, 2024


The power of the platform: Observability takes a seat at the boardroom table

4 min read

Digital experience is the new boardroom KPI in a world where visibility and insight into application performance are now seen as critical to executives

December 13, 2023


(20)24 x 7 Tech Trends: AI Readiness, Adoption and Integration

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In just the past year, AI’s impact accelerated in startling ways. Many businesses are struggling to keep up, so Cisco is highlighting seven tech trends we expect to see in 2024 — and AI is integral across them all. Explore the novel ways in which you can leverage AI to unlock access, create business agility and deliver exceptional experiences.

November 14, 2023


Innovation and partnership for the AI journey ahead

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Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing our world. Cisco's Global AI Readiness survey explains how to be prepared. Learn how Cisco can help you prepare your business.

October 16, 2023


Enabling a new generation of AI with Ethernet

4 min read

Ethernet is well-placed to support the massive scale that the world’s largest AI network fabrics require, and it has a broad base of suppliers. Cisco will partner with you to build an AI infrastructure that matches your business model.

June 6, 2023


Launch of Cisco Observability Platform Unifies and Secures Digital Experiences at Scale

3 min read

Announcing the Cisco FSO Platform, an open and extensible, API-driven Full-Stack Observability (FSO) platform built on OpenTelemetry. Our Cisco Full-Stack Observability strategy provides AI/ML-driven analytics and a new observability ecosystem that delivers relevant and impactful business insights.

February 7, 2023


Risk is the Reality: Securing Modern Applications with business risk observability

2 min read

Cisco is leading the way in securing and enabling your greatest assets—applications and the experiences they empower. A significant advancement in our applications strategy, we’re announcing Business Risk Observability and spotlighting a tech preview of Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability Platform at Cisco Live EMEA.

December 19, 2022


Tech Trends and Predictions That Will Shape 2023

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As we look to 2023, we see a transformation in how applications, connectivity, and security are delivered and consumed. An immersive future that is “sustainable by default” will require new technologies built with new processes, and in service to new business models. The future is taking shape, and here’s what I see coming in the year ahead.

June 15, 2022


Cisco’s API-First Motion is Driving Innovation at Scale

4 min read

Free-tier developer solutions Panoptica and Calisti continue Cisco’s strategy to connect, secure, and observe modern applications.

June 14, 2022


Cloud-Native Observability in the Experience Economy

4 min read

Cisco Launches AppDynamics Cloud to enable the delivery of exceptional digital experiences. Application performance, security, and trust are at the center of it all.