August 8, 2022


Myth Busting Part 3: Not all 400G and 800G switches are created equally

3 min read

While other network providers continue to use commodity chips, Cisco has been developing custom silicon for Nexus switches since 2014. Creating our own ASIC was the only way to fully realize the promise of software-defined networking and enable advanced capabilities like network segmentation, flexible forwarding, intelligent buffering, and deep telemetry.

November 14, 2019


Cisco UCS powers HPC clusters for student competition

2 min read

Wake Forest and NC State Universities have been selected to participate in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) at SC19, the premier HPC conference, which will take place in Denver on Nov 18-22.

September 13, 2017


To Err Is Human, To Understand Is Big Data

1 min read

With trillions of interactions and transactions now happening online, HPC can funnel them all through big data tools that help us answer these questions.

June 23, 2017


Delivering Hosted Private Clouds with Cisco and NetApp Managed EdgeCloud

3 min read

Over the past few decades, cloud consumption across the world has grown tremendously. We have seen servers get consolidated into the data center with resulting network simplification. While numerous organizations have been able to build successful businesses and network architectures consuming services from the cloud, there are specific use cases that are challenged with the […]

June 27, 2016


Can Private Cloud Benefit Genome Researchers?

1 min read

First off, let me put forth a disclaimer: I know next-to-nothing about genomics. I don’t know the names of the institutions involved in it, I don’t know who funds it, who is making major breakthroughs, how to use the industry lingo, or what the latest findings have been. But I do know this: Organizations involved in […]

MPI Sessions: a proposal for the MPI Forum

1 min read

Today, a small group of us left “stealth mode” and presented a group of ideas to the MPI Forum loosely grouped under the moniker of “MPI Sessions.” These ideas behind this presentation originated from several places: My previous presentation of crazy ideas about INIT/FINALIZE at EuroMPI’15 in Bordeaux, France That Jonathan Dursi blog entry Other […]

Slides from Open MPI SC’15 SotU and MPI Forum BOFs

1 min read

Here’s the slides from the Open MPI State of the Union (SotU) BOF that were presented by George Bosilca, Nathan Hjelm, and myself at the SC’15 trade show. Thanks to all who were able to join us at the BOF in person! UPDATE: Per request, I have also added the slides from the MPI Forum […]

It’s that time again! SC’15

1 min read

Who’s heading to SC’15 this weekend?  I am! Austin looks to have an exciting lineup this year.  Here’s the things I’m involved with: Dave Goodell and the rest of the Libfabric crew will be presenting An Introduction to the OpenFabric Interfaces API tutorial Dr. George Bosilca and I will presenting the annual Open MPI State […]