Rakesh Chopra

Cisco Fellow

Common Hardware Group Architecture and Platforming

Rakesh Chopra is a Cisco Fellow in Cisco’s Common Hardware Group and has been at Cisco since 1997. During his 22 years at Cisco, Rakesh has driven a number of industry-leading products at Cisco across the Enterprise and Service Provider routing space. Today, Rakesh focuses on system architecture across Cisco’s Routing and Switching portfolio to identify market transitions and ensure that our products meet customer demands.

Rakesh works with external suppliers, the ASIC organizations, the HW organizations and the SW organizations to realize next generation products to optimize across company, organizational and technology boundaries. When not focusing internally to drive product development, Rakesh promotes Cisco's technology to our suppliers and customers.


Cisco Silicon One Easily Shatters the 25.6T Barrier

Today we expand the Cisco Silicon One portfolio with three new devices to include 25.6T and 8T web scale switching devices and an 8T routing device. With three new 7nm devices released in just five months from our last announcement, we continue to expand our network coverage at an unheard-of pace. All this with a fully unified architecture, SDK, and P4 forwarding code offers convergence without compromise!

January 11, 2021


Co-Packaged Optics and an Open Ecosystem

The pace of bandwidth growth isn’t slowing down, and each generation draws more power than the last. To address this, the industry needs to move to co-packaged optics. Today we are announcing a collaboration between Inphi and Cisco to drive an open ecosystem around the technology.

November 5, 2020


How Cisco Silicon One Can Help You Save Millions

Compare to other architectures, Cisco Silicon One can save up to 580kW of power in a web scale data center, fundamentally changing the economics of the industry. Web scalers can turn this into cost savings, increase revenue by adding more servers or help minimize their carbon footprint.

October 29, 2020


Turn Router Power into Cash Savings with Better Silicon

Power is our fundamental limitation. It limits what we can build, what customers can deploy, and what our planet can sustain. This creates a technological imperative, a business imperative and most importantly a moral imperative to innovate. Learn how Cisco Silicon One may reduce your power bill by up to 71% saving over $140,000 per system and help save the planet.

October 22, 2020


Cisco Silicon Powers the Best Systems

Learn about the Cisco custom silicon that goes in to our high-performing, specialized networking hardware.

December 11, 2019


ONE Silicon, ONE Experience, MULTIPLE Roles

Today, I’m thrilled to announce Cisco Silicon One™- a ground-breaking, new silicon architecture that has elevated routing silicon’s performance to the same level as switching silicon’s performance – both from a bandwidth and power efficiency perspective – but we are also paving the way to faster performance gains in the near future.