Cisco NSO

Network Automation Update – the Maturing of NFV Deployment

As we head into the 3rd ETSI NFV Plugtest, we would like to give an update on what we are seeing.

The YANG Language – Up, up and away!

Interoperability tests with service-layer YANG is finally coming together. Some comments on an interesting report from EANTC.

November 22, 2017


The Future of Telecom Networks: Programmed to Succeed

Programmability is an exciting area of network technology that creates a world of new agile services for service providers. When it comes to creating fast, flexible, on-demand services, programmability is key

Fast Tracking Network Automation

Traditional telco operations support systems (OSS) have tended to focus on point solutions that provide specific functions in their own attempt to automate networks. However, this approach has often failed to live up to its promise.