Cisco NSO iconHello, it is that time of the year again!  Cisco Live US is upon us.

If you are coming to Cisco Live US 2018 that is taking place in Orlando from June 10 through June 14, I’d like to tell you about Network Orchestration and Automation resources that you can take advantage of.  We have been sharing our progress and customer stories with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) powered by Tail-f and Cisco Elastic Services Controller (ESC) at customer conferences and major trade shows.  We will do that at this Cisco Live too.

Following are some Network Orchestration and NFV sessions and resources that I would like to invite you to take advantage of if you are coming to Cisco Live US this year:

  • Meet the Experts – Cisco Network Automation experts would be ready to discuss your questions and challenges, and introduce you to NSO and NFV Orchestration in one-on-one meetings.  Once registered, don’t forget to schedule meetings with them.
  • NSO in the World of Solutions
    • Cisco NSO and Orchestrated Assurance powered by Netrounds (Booth #1627) – NSO and Netrounds team up to showcase how you can start the automation journey by orchestrating assured network services, extend the automation loop with active testing and monitoring of services, and automate remote troubleshooting and healing.
    • Automate and Optimize IP Transport (Bandwidth and Management Suite) for Transport SDN – We will be sharing how Cisco’s Bandwidth and Management Suite enables you to offer connectivity services with dynamic bandwidth using NSO, WAE and XTC.
  • Speaker and Lab Sessions
    • The 3 Stages of Network Automation and Orchestration [PSOSPG-2941]
    • Cisco’s Transport Software Defined Networking (T-SDN) Controller Architecture [PSOSPG-2004]
    • Leveraging NSO for SD-WAN, SDA, and ENFV [BRKRST-2557]
    • Building Intent-Based Networks with NSO and programmable NXOS [BRKDCN-2498]
    • Secure, Reliable and Scalable Network Orchestration with Cisco NSO [TECSDN-2717]
    • Deploying L2/L3 services over VXLAN using Cisco NSO [TECDCN-2202]
    • Next Generation Network Architectures: Design, Deployment and Operations [TECSPG-2801]
    • Automation Journey for Next Generation Network Transformation [TECSPG-2805]
    • The business case of network automation [BRKNMS-1011]
    • How We Do IT with Automation and Orchestration [BRKNMS-2628]
    • DevNet Workshop-Services Abstraction Using NSO [DEVNET-1799]
    • DevNet Workshop-Using Ansibleto Automate Application (NSO) Deployment, and Environment Configuration [DEVNET-1199]
    • Coding Class – Using YANG to Define Device and Service Configuration and Operations [DEVNET-1070]
    • Automated GRE over IPSEC Tunnel Deployment using Cisco NSO [LTRSPG-2520]
    • Multi-Layer Optimized Service Activation with Zero Touch Provisioning [CTHSPG-2001]
    • Analytics as An Enabler for Real-time Assurance and Network Automation with Cisco Crosswork Data Platform [PSOSPG-2006]
    • Inside Cisco IT: DevOps Network Automation & Programmability with Cisco NSO [BRKCOC-2024]
    • Building a Software Defined Service Provider [BRKSPG-2001]
    • Architecture of NFV Platform for Orchestrating Cloud-based & vBranch Managed Services [BRKARC-2259]
    • Service Orchestration with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator [BRKNMS-1100]

These are a subset of the product update, technology overview, best practice sharing and hands-on laboratory sessions that will provide in-depth discussions of network orchestration and solutions involving Cisco NSO.  I encourage all Cisco Live attendees interested in automating their networks to take advantage of these resources and connect with our experts.

NSO as a key technology to help you reinvent the network

Last but not least, let’s not forget two other NSO resources that you can tap into

  • NSO Developer Hub – It is public, online and always available without requiring travel.
  • NSO Developer Days 2018 in Stockholm – This year, the Developer Days take place a week after Cisco Live, under the Summer sun in Sweden.  NSO and Tail-f experts are on hand to collaborate with the user community for this multi-day conference.


Song Toh

Senior Manager, Product Management

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator