Model-Driven Telemetry

May 6, 2024


Becoming a Model-Driven Telemetry Power User with Cisco IOS XE

2 min read

Whatever your telemetry use case may be, the new Cisco IOS XE Model-Driven Telemetry White Paper will help you understand YANG Xpaths and creating telemetry subscriptions.

March 28, 2023


Interactive Demo: Cisco IOS XE Device Programmability and Automation

1 min read

Live, interactive demo will cover the full life cycle of IOS XE devices including provisioning, configuration with model driven programmability, and monitoring with model driven telemetry.

January 31, 2023


Explore Cisco IOS XE Automation at Cisco Live EMEA 2023

3 min read

Ready to dive deeper into Cisco IOS-XE programmability, automation, and telemetry? Learning sessions will cover topics including getting started with programmability and automation, tooling with YANG Suite and Terraform, and open source solutions for model driven telemetry and machine learning.

September 24, 2020


Telemetry in Action: NETCONF and gNMI with a Custom-Built Collector!

7 min read

Model-Driven Telemetry Telemetry is used to subscribe to meaningful data and measurements from remote devices and transport it to a receiving system for monitoring and analysis. This data allows network administrators to proactively visualize their network, and helps them automate tasks and forecast capacity requirements. When we talk about streaming telemetry, we typically refer to […]

January 28, 2020


XR7, Not Just Another Release

4 min read

Find out why IOS XR7 is more than just a mere new release — Its noteworthy evolutions make it simple, modern, trustworthy, and cloud-enhanced.

November 13, 2019


Explore Model-Driven Telemetry

4 min read

See how Model-driven Telemetry provides near real-time access to your network's operational statistics.