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May 16, 2024


Four Reasons Why Assurance Is More Critical Than Ever

4 min read

Assurance is top of mind for our customers, analysts, and the market at large. This blog covers four reasons why assurance is more critical than ever, and why it should be on your radar as well.

December 16, 2021


Multi-Vendor Automation: The Song Remains the Same

2 min read

People in the industry are coming around to something we’ve recognized and invested in for a few years now: any viable automation strategy needs to span vendors and technology domains. Networks are heterogeneous by nature, and for automation tools to accommodate that, the entire process needs to be automated, not just part of it. You need end-to-end insights instead of patchy islands of visibility.

Orchestration and Automation Solutions for the 5G Era

4 min read

In the light of today’s changing market trends, this blog briefly reviews some key Cisco orchestration solutions, illustrating their benefits via case studies.

December 13, 2018


Cisco Tops Network Control and Orchestration Market Share

1 min read

More great news for Cisco from a report completed by Analysys Mason - Cisco maintained its #1 market share position for Network Control and Orchestration solutions in 2017, cementing its place as the industry leader for service provider network automation and orchestration solutions.

Cisco Crosswork – Part 4: Health Insights

3 min read

In this blog, we continue to explore the five main pillars of the Cisco Crosswork automation solution. Today, we're taking a closer look at Health Insights and how it improves network availability by providing tools for constant device/ network health monitoring.

Cisco Crosswork – Part 3: Situation Manager

4 min read

The Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager helps network operators take control over their data firehose, pinpoint root causes automatically, and transform how operators collaborate on anomalies in the network.

Cisco’s automation solutions continue to embrace multi-vendor networks

2 min read

 This blog was authored by Shlomi Barsheshet, Product Manager for Service Providers Network Automation As with its recently introduced Crosswork Network...