Cisco Cloud Security

April 17, 2024


Cisco Hypershield: Reimagining Security

9 min read

Cisco Hypershield is a new security infrastructure — a fabric — that can autonomously create defenses and produce measured responses to detected attacks, making security defenders' jobs easier.

April 17, 2024


Cisco Hypershield: A New Era of Distributed, AI-Native Security

4 min read

Cisco Hypershield is a distributed, AI-native system that puts security in every software component of every app on your network, on every server, and in your public and private clouds.

March 5, 2024


Cloud Security API Updates Improve User’s Experience

1 min read

See how developers can utilize the Investigate API to enhance the data in their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, threat intelligence platforms, or incident management workflows.

April 25, 2023


Cisco’s Vision to Rapidly Detect Cyber Threats and Automate Response

2 min read

The threat landscape requires to rethink security to enable rapid detection of cyber threats and to automate response. Cisco’s XDR gives critical infrastructure operators and public administrations the capability to detect, investigate and prioritise threats and incidents, and the tools to quickly remediate them.

April 11, 2023


The New Cisco Umbrella APIs for Managed Service Providers

3 min read

APIs help MSPs to easily automate and seamlessly integrate products into their existing operations platforms. The new Umbrella APIs are based on OpenAPI Specification (OAS), a standard that provides an enhanced experience for MSPs. 

January 23, 2023


How SASE converges networking and cloud security to support superior digital experiences

6 min read

Learn more about secure access service edge (SASE), why the future of secure connectivity is cloud based, and what steps your organization needs to take on its SASE journey.

September 15, 2020


Cisco Secure Remote Worker Architecture for Azure

5 min read

Cisco Secure Remote Worker for Azure provides an a validated design for RAVPN. This Design includes Cisco AnyConnect, Duo, Umbrella and AMP.

August 31, 2020


Crafting a New Universe of Multi-Vendor Security Integrations

10 min read

Cisco Security Technical Alliance (CSTA) facilitates open multivendor product integrations across our Security products. Our largest launch to-date; today we announce new technology partners joining CSTA and over 50 new integrations. We now have grown to over 200 partners representing over 350 product-to-product integrations.