Cisco ASA

April 29, 2020


Writing Production-ready Code; Nornir Edition

9 min read

Anyone can write a throwaway script, but can you make a tool worthy of mass appeal and consumption? See how I improved my automation tools to build a professional code project.

February 20, 2020


Is Your Firewall Permitting and Denying the Correct Flows?

5 min read

See how to apply some basic automation to help with a job that is often monotonous, thankless, and easy to scapegoat.

June 6, 2019


A Bridge to the Future of the Firewall

2 min read

With Cisco Defense Orchestrator, organizations can seamlessly harmonize security policies across tens or thousands of devices – including ASA, and in the very near future, FTD and Meraki MX.

August 14, 2017


Cisco ACI Ecosystem Brings Digital Innovation to Dutch Healthcare

3 min read

To meet the growing demand for applications and the network loads in its data center, VECOZO chose to deploy a joint solution based on Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) and Citrix® NetScaler as a next generation foundation

June 17, 2015


DMZ Basics

4 min read

Lately I made the change from deep technical consultant to a more high-level architect like kind of consultant. I now do my work on the turning point between business and technique. One of my first jobs is to make my customer ready for an audit to use the dutch official authentication method, which is called […]

October 1, 2014


Security for an Application-Centric World

5 min read

Organizations are migrating to the cloud because it dramatically reduces IT costs as we make much more efficient use of resources (either ours or by leveraging some cloud provider’s resources...