October 24, 2019


How Rejection was my Redirection to the Tech Industry

3 min read

Jonathan shares his story of what led him to the tech industry, and what he loves most about working at Cisco.

June 22, 2018


Cisco Webex Meetings Is a Slam Dunk at NBA Draft

2 min read

For the last five NBA Drafts, Cisco technology has powered the NBA’s Global Media Circuit, connecting journalists around the world to the new Draft picks just moments after their selections.

April 5, 2018


Off-The-Chart Cisco Perks

4 min read

After these Cisconians were nominated as MVPs of their teams they got trips to the NBA All-Star Game and Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics!

July 12, 2017


Behind-the-Scenes at the NBA Draft

1 min read

On Draft Night, Cisco technology powered the NBA’s Global Media Circuit – using Jabber Guest and videoconferencing to connect 16 journalists from 11 different countries to eight first round Draft picks.

February 2, 2017


Team Chemistry and Industrie 4.0

2 min read

Chemistry bonds players from different backgrounds and experiences together, uniting them in a common goal. More often than not, it makes the team more than the sum of its parts.

June 27, 2016


The Team Behind the Team

2 min read

When an NBA basketball team takes the floor for a game, the fans in the stands, in sports bars and at home all focus on the team’s starting line-up. When...

April 10, 2015


5 Key Business Lessons from National Championship Game

3 min read

As a big basketball fan, coach, business leader and parent, I’ve been thinking about the multitude of lessons that can be learned from the National Championship game Monday night.  Here’s my quick take on some of the key points:

March 31, 2014


How Cisco is Keeping You in The Game

2 min read

Every year millions of hours of work are lost to the NCAA basketball tournament – from checking brackets and streaming games at work to people taking time off to catch their choice game. For many, travelling to watch their team’s games could mean even more hours lost –but not anymore.  Two weeks ago I flew […]