Scot Wlodarczak

No Longer with Cisco

Scot joined Cisco in early 2016, where he now manages the industrial marketing team, focused in the manufacturing, oil & gas, and utilities space. He and his team are responsible for developing strategy and content for Cisco offers in the industrial space, specifically around helping these customers on their digital transformation journey, and bridging the gap between IT and operations. Scot previously worked for Rockwell Automation for over 11 years. At Rockwell he was the Regional Marketing Leader for the Western US for their Architecture and Software business, responsible for addressing key customer issues, launching new products, closing key opportunities, creating marketing programs and materials, and helping with sales enablement efforts in the US.

He has experience in Automation and Process across a wide range of industries. Previously, Scot worked as a Marketing and Sales Manager, and Regional Sales Manager for other tech companies.

Scot holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from SUNY - Buffalo, and an MBA from Colorado University. He has experience in Discrete Automation and Process across a wide range of industries, as well as a Predictive Maintenance background with a Vibration Level II analysis certification.

He lives in Colorado.

Twitter: @ScotWlodarczak

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/scot-wlodarczak-360b0788


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