[Editor’s note:  One of the most exciting things about Industrial IoT and smart manufacturing are innovations happening all around the globe.  The blog below is from our Cisco France colleague, Talyana Cunningham]

Viva Technology 2017, which took place last month in Paris, aims to be on the scale of  a mega- tradeshow like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). And it’s on track: there were 68 000 visitors, 6000 start-ups, 50 exhibitors countries, 150 journalists and 1400 investors this year.

Among the 250 sessions about technology and innovation, John Chambers, Cisco Executive Chairman, went on stage to inspire entrepreneurs and startups. He confirmed what he said last year: for him, “France is the next big thing”.

Emmanuel Macron, the new French President, is exactly in the same mindset: he wants France to be the most innovative country in Europe.  After the Viva Technology show, they both discussed the strong partnership they have built together, particularly in the industrial space.

Industrie 4.0 : one of the top priorities for France

In 2013, the digitization of the French industry was lagging, compared to the other countries in Europe. That’s why Emmanuel Macron, who was then Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital, pushed for the “Industrie du futur” project. This project has five pillars:

  1. Develop the technological offer for Industrie 4.0, helping technological companies develop themselves and their products.
  2. Help companies move towards Industrie 4.0, providing a tax assistance for each technological investment.
  3. Train employees by building partnerships with IT and Engineering Schools.
  4. Promote the French Industrie 4.0 by certifying showcase companies and creating a huge event like Hannover Messe,
  5. Reinforce European standard cooperation especially by building a partnership with the German “Industrie 4.0” platform.

2.3 billion euros were dedicated by the French government to reach these goals. On March 2017, 4.100 companies were identified, 80 companies were awarded tax assistance, and 22 companies were certified. In view of these results, the new French President announced in May he wants to invest 10 million euros in industry and innovation.

Cisco as the  French Industrie 4.0 partner

Cisco is one of the biggest technology partners for this effort. In February 2015, we announced a strategic partnership with the French government to accelerate digital transformation in France. John Chambers invested 200 million dollars in digital training, startup incubation and research.

Some activities were dedicated to Industrie 4.0, such as the signature of two chairs with IT and Engineering schools in France, the agreement with the Hauts-de-France (a northern French state) to make it become a “Smart Region”, especially in the manufacturing field, and, more recently, our investment in Viva Technology Paris 2017, where we showcased just a sampling of projects:

We presented our Cyber Valet Services project with Valeo, to make your car can park by itself.

  • We highlighted startups, two of which are in our accelerator program, specializing in artificial intelligence and cyber security for the manufacturing industry.
  • We welcomed French students and entrepreneurs, whom we had assisted on their innovation projects and we demonstrated our Industrial IoT solutions in the Manufacturing corner of our booth.

It is so exciting to see Industrie 4.0 advance in France, and in fact accelerate in adoption courtesy of the French government.  For more details on our presence at Viva Technology Paris 2017 visit this link.







Scot Wlodarczak

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