Joanna Dillon

Innovation Outcomes Manager

CHILL Services - US

Joanna Dillon is a Social Innovation Architect for Cisco CHILL. She seeks out opportunities to create baseline shifts through co-innovation with customers, driving higher performance against financial, social, and environmental metrics.

By focusing on CHILL’s proven innovation principles, Joanna helps customers turn concepts into real business outcomes.

Joanna believes that when tackling big problems, we need to bring everyone to the table. That principle is behind the CHILL model of massively inclusive innovation.

This process brings together a diverse group of customers and end users to work on a shared industry challenge. With rapid protoyping and immediate end-user testing, the group is able to quickly determine whether or not an idea is viable and solves a real problem that matters to users.

Previously, as part of Vodafone Global Enterprise’s innovation team, Joanna led the strategy and implementation of transformative engagements with top companies around the world. Blending a rigorous operational background with a toolbox of design and facilitation practices, she has developed innovation training for a global team of volunteer “intrapreneurs,” and led teams to design, test, and deliver startup concepts.

Joanna’s innovation practice is underpinned by nearly ten years of work in non-profits and social impact organizations: the first-ever short film contest for sustainable food stories, marketing and technology for the largest sustainable agriculture conference in the West, gamifying retirement savings, and an integrated platform/product for assisted at-home conception for women. At the start of her career, Joanna served as an AmeriCorps member and founded a complementary currency network.

She has an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and a BA in Anthropology from Bennington College in Vermont.


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