Gioia Ferretti

Partner Stories and Communications

Global Partner Marketing

Gioia Ferretti leads partner stories and communications for Cisco's Global Partner Marketing Team.

Her team strives to accelerate partners marketing practices, so that they can grow their Cisco business and be fully invested in the digital era. Gioia has a passion for storytelling and purpose-driven marketing to help partners on their individual journeys of profitable growth.


December 7, 2017


IT Can Finally Take a Lunch Break

Most financial institutions today have quite a few branches, spread out across different counties, regions, and even states. Which means different teams in different places—often using different technology. And while each branch has some independence, one of WWT’s banking customers wanted their employees to work together—without having to call IT each time they tried to. WWT says… […]

November 30, 2017


A Complete Dining Experience – from mobile to menu

Restaurant Ciné Città in Belgium were overlooked by potential customers passing by -- until they met Pingvalue, an online platform and mobile app connecting businesses and customers.

November 22, 2017


Collaboration for the Best Children’s Care

When it comes to patient care, efficiency and communication are vital. It is critical for hospital staff and doctors to collaborate in real-time in order to deliver the best possible...

November 16, 2017


Getting Into a Groove

Concerts, festivals, sports. It’s all about the connecting with the music, the game –  watching the same thing at the same time. So naturally, fans want to join the connection and share, post, and tweet. But if 25,000 other people are doing the same thing on a shaky network, all you’re going to get is […]

November 9, 2017


Clear Speed and Security

Imagine being responsible for 675 trillion euros worth of security transactions every single year. And on top of that, making sure that all involved accounts are secure and up to date. That’s the everyday job of a financial services customer of the UK-based Cisco partner, Metsi. Around the world, thousands of institutions rely on this clearinghouse […]

October 26, 2017


Dreaming In Digital

The vintage look may be back in style when it comes to fashion and décor, but not when it comes to the new digital era. Dreamland, a vintage theme park...

October 19, 2017


Waste not, want not

Valley Proteins doesn’t like to waste anything. They’re world leaders in recycling, keeping millions of gallons of cooking oils and food by-products out of landfills every year. They use what other people throw away to make valuable biodiesels and animal feed, among other things. But to do their job right, they rely on quick processes […]

October 5, 2017


From Phone Trials to Total Connection

Many of us feel constantly connected through our cell phones, but a missed call or text isn’t the end of the world. Except for lawyers, every phone call matters. A major California firm was going through some issues with their phones. Their provider’s solution couldn’t keep up with their workload. And they knew dropped calls […]

September 21, 2017


High Tech, High Up

Some things really are rocket science. Like the research astronomers are doing at the ALMA observatory in Chile. There’s only two of them though… on top of a mountain in the desert. Everyone else works in the processing center miles away. So, when ALMA needed an IT overhaul to support the data gathered from the […]