Dr. Christine Bailey

Marketing Director


Dr. Christine Bailey is Marketing Director, EMEA & Russia, responsible at a Regional level for marketing strategy, financial operations, brand and thought leadership, revenue marketing programs and partner marketing. Chris has 24 years’ experience of business to business marketing in the technology sector, including working for a specialist CRM consulting firm, Cambridge Technology Partners, a PR consultancy and Hewlett Packard in Germany.

Chris is also the Global & EMEAR co-lead for Connected Women at Cisco - a voluntary global community run by employees to attract, develop, retain and celebrate talented women as part of a competitive and diverse workforce.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in German & Business Studies from Warwick University and a doctorate (DBA) in customer insight from Cranfield University School of Management in the UK.

Chris blogs on leadership, gender diversity and the advancement of women, digital and social marketing and customer insight.


April 14, 2016


Stop and think: Have we lost sight of marketing strategy in the digital age?

5 min read

For this blog, I collaborated with two of the UK’s leading experts on marketing strategy: Moira Clark, Professor of Strategic Marketing and Director of the Henley Centre for Customer Management, at Henley Business School, University of Reading and Hugh Wilson, Professor of Strategic Marketing and Director of the Cranfield Customer Management Forum at Cranfield School of […]

January 7, 2016


Marketing in the Digital Age: Trends to Watch in 2016

4 min read

Remember 1995? That was the year we put ‘e’ in front of everything to signify that it was being done ‘electronically.’ eBusiness, eCRM, and eProcurement were all the rage. Fast forward to 2016 and we’ve dropped the ‘e’ because doing things electronically has become the norm.  The same will happen with the term ‘Digital’ Marketing. […]

November 13, 2015


How Great Quotes Fuel Positive Thinking

4 min read

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a great quote.  It seems that I’m not the only one – take a look at Twitter and you’ll see a huge number of handles relating to quotes.  Do a quick search on Google and you’ll find endless “Top Quotes” lists. Go to the Forbes […]

October 29, 2015


Social Selling: 5 Myths Busted

3 min read

“I’m a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdog, the breaking of myths.” –Dominic Monaghan We all do it. We get a preconceived notion in our heads and it becomes the truth. Here at Cisco we believe deeply in omni-channel customer communication and social engagement, but sometimes we need to do a reality […]

A Better Way to Network for Women?

4 min read

“Networking is my idea of hell.” These are the exact words spoken by a woman attendee at a recent event where I gave a talk about the importance of networking. Her sentiments are echoed by many professional women who have experienced a traditional networking approach, which is: a) based on entering a crowded room full […]

September 21, 2015


Employee Advocacy: Marketing Engine of the Future?

3 min read

You need to purchase new software on behalf of your company - how do you decide which product/company to choose? You probably go and check out some vendor websites and...

Old Boys? Meet the New Girls!

3 min read

If you look at the numbers, the picture is bleak for women working in technology. According to new research conducted by The Wall Street Journal, there is still...

August 4, 2015


Inbound Marketing: What Comes After the Tipping Point?

3 min read

“Inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing.”   Sound like a quote from a recent marketing article? It’s actually a key takeaway from my doctoral thesis, published back in 2008 and entitled, “How Companies Use Customer Insight to Drive Customer Acquisition, Development, and Retention.” No, I’m not Nostradamus, nor do I have a crystal […]

Fixing Broken Windows: Shattered Myths About the Glass Ceiling

3 min read

Leading organisations now realise that improving the representation of female leaders is crucial to business success. In fact, according to research from McKinsey, “Companies in the top quartile...

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