Arvind Satyam

Managing Director, Global Business Development
Smart+Connected Communities

Arvind leads business development globally for Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities initiative, driving transformative partnerships with service providers and strategic partners and executing joint ventures, acquisitions and equity investments.

Under his leadership, the team has executed iconic city projects in Barcelona, London, Songdo and various locations across the world. Arvind is responsible for driving innovative partnerships with Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, TDC, Orange to scale the go-to-market of Cisco’s smart city solutions. Arvind has executed joint ventures with U-life solutions and investments with Sensity, Majitek, WorldSensing, Nexpa and others. He serves on advisory boards for fast paced IoT startups, World Sensing and Urbanise.

Arvind is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and holds a bachelors in computer engineering and a masters in finance from the University of New South Wales.

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