Akbar Hasan

Senior Director, Co-sell Acceleration Group

Global Strategic Partner Organization

Akbar Hasan leads a team within the Global Strategic Partner Organization that works closely with a wide variety of partner roles and Cisco sales to monetize access to new customer buyers through a multi-partner co-selling motion. Akbar’s team is responsible for driving demand and digitizing Cisco’s Partner to Partner (P2P) co-selling model and for scaling this sales motion globally together with our strategic partners, ecosystem partners, and Cisco sales. Prior to working in the Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales (GPRS) team, Akbar spent 12 years in the US and Canada Partner Sales Organization in field sales roles building and leading partner GTM strategy focused on defining new routes-to-market with new partner roles across industries. Akbar is CCIE#6491 certified and received his master’s degree in computer engineering at California State University, Northridge, CA. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, daughter, and son and enjoys international cooking.


May 7, 2024


Cisco Co-Selling Made Simple: Accelerate

3 min read

Accelerate is the second of 3 steps in the Ecosystem Co-Sell Go-to-Market (GTM) sales execution. In this step, our Advisor and Developer partner capabilities accelerate Co-Selling opportunities with Cisco Sales and Channel Partners, develop joint demand generation campaigns, and expand pipeline-building activities.

February 12, 2024


Cisco Co-Selling Made Simple: Activate

3 min read

Activate is the first of 3 steps in the Ecosystem Co-Sell Go-to-Market (GTM) sales execution, setting up an Ecosystem partner such as an ISV or domain consultant, etc., to Co-Sell with Cisco.

November 30, 2023


Cisco Co-Selling Acceleration Made Simple

2 min read

Multi-partner Co-Selling is a collaborative sales engagement between an IT vendor and its partner ecosystem to deliver a differentiated joint customer outcome, leading to an average increased deal size by 6X and software mix by 2x accelerating recurring revenue.

February 27, 2023


Co-selling: It’s a BIG Deal!

2 min read

Unlike partner reselling, co-selling is a multi-partner collaborative sales engagement between an IT vendor and its partner ecosystem to deliver a differentiated joint customer outcome.

April 9, 2021


Digital Transformation for a Major Retailer Takes a Co-Selling Team

4 min read

Digital transformation essentially requires migrating workloads and applications to the cloud. But traditional brick-and-mortar grocers are unlikely to have all the expertise in house to go it alone.

December 2, 2020


Co-Selling with Ecosystem Partners Is a Big Deal

3 min read

Did you know that Cisco’s most profitable partners are winning larger deals by accessing buying centers other than IT? Learn how to take advantage from Akbar Hasan!

June 23, 2020


How Cisco Partners Are Increasing Profitability by Accessing New Buying Centers

5 min read

Cisco and our partners have had considerable success selling our portfolio and services to IT organizations. But as customers navigate the current digital transformation trend, they are also evolving how they make IT and technology purchase decisions and how they deliver new experiences to their target markets. New buying centers such as line of business (LOB) and application modernization groups have increasing budgets and decision-making authority.