Akbar Hasan

Director, Strategic Business Development

Global Partner Organization

Akbar Hasan works closely with a wide variety of partners to monetize access to New Buying Centers within our customers by connecting Cisco sales with innovative multi-partner GTM co-selling motions.

As customers look to expand their digital capabilities, buying centers outside of IT are becoming an increasingly integral part of the technology decision making process. These new groups have their own budget and technology influence, and the budgets they control have been growing twice as fast as IT budgets for the past few years. By accessing these New Buying Centers and connecting them to IT together with our partners, we jointly increase our relevance to the customer, deliver business outcomes they value, and increase deal sizes. One of the most effective ways to access these New Buying Center budgets is to connect reseller partners with new ecosystem partnerships and Cisco sales teams to create a multi-Partner-to-Partner (P2P) co-selling motion with demand generation and next generation enablement for sellers.

Prior to the Global Partner Organization, Akbar spent 12 years in US & Canada Partner Sales Organization in field sales roles building and leading partner GTM strategy focused on defining new routes-to-market with new partner types across industries.

Akbar is CCIE#6491 and received his Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering at California State University, Northridge, CA. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, daughter and son and enjoys international cooking.


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