video quality

August 13, 2020


Rich, High-Quality Video for Everyone

3 min read

We’ve done a lot to make sure Webex brings rich, high-quality video experiences for everyone – wherever your work happens.

It’s Time to Get Smart about ABR; It’s Time to #StreamQuality

3 min read

Attending #PAYTV18? If so, don’t miss Wednesday’s 1:40pm panel: Streaming Video Everywhere: Quality & Reliability. (Tues May 15 & Wed May 16, Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado.)  I’ll be moderating a discussion...

February 27, 2018


What does 5G mean for Video?

2 min read

With 80% of mobile traffic predicted to be video, when is the right time to build your service? And what do you need to do to create a successful service without impacting your operations and costs? Find out more in this blog.

Cisco@CES: Changing the Equation for Live Streaming and ABR Video Quality

3 min read

It turns out, you can trick out your video encoder to conserve bandwidth, while improving picture quality. See the results in a new white paper from Cisco.

September 27, 2017


Mobile Video at IBC – From the Why to the How, and to the Now

3 min read

Conversations about mobile video are now moving from Why, to How, to Now. Find out how Cisco is helping Mobile Operators achieve the scale they need and prepare for video over 5G.

As Broadcast Focuses on IP, Video Quality Moves Front and Center

3 min read

The shift from “traditional” broadcast to IP video is on, and was more real than ever at NAB this year. Key takeaways from the Cisco booth and show floor.

November 12, 2012


Five Cool Router Tricks with onePK

4 min read

Network Management is dull.  No excuses.  Monitoring and interacting with the devices that move data from one location to another is a thankless undertaking that most of us building networks leave to an afterthought.  Part of that is the complexity associated with managing networks.  There are at least a dozen common methods for interacting with […]