At Mobile World Congress we’re launching 5G Now!, because the opportunity to deliver premium, high bandwidth service is already with us.

We know that video is going to make up over 80% of all mobile traffic and that one-third of that traffic will be high-quality content. Consumers are spending more on devices and data, and expect to consume content wherever they are. Gone are the days when they will wait 10 seconds or more for content to load – they now demand a premium service comparable to fixed-line connections. And they are prepared to pay for it.

The operators who can deliver this quality of service today will clearly have a huge advantage over their competition. By not waiting until 5G networks are rolled out and established, they will be able to steal a march on the market. By building audience and loyalty today, and delivering differentiated services to the consumer, they will drive up their Net Promoter Score and create an industry-defining set of products and offers.

The challenge for the operator is, of course, to be able to deliver this quality without adding exponential cost to their business and to be able to move quickly to take advantage of the changing mobile environment. Add to this the need to deliver through non-mobile channels, and the blurring of the lines between mobile, fixed-line and broadcast video (as I’ve discussed previously), and the challenge starts to look overwhelming.

This is why we’ll be showing our integrated Mobile Video capability at Mobile World Congress 2018. We know that operators need to offer new services based around video to stop becoming the dreaded ‘commoditised pipe’. They need to offer these services quickly and efficiently, and they want to do it NOW.

We’ve created a single architecture that will make your video service network aware, and let the network understand the content running over it. This means that you can deliver video services supporting multiple business models, from advertising driven to zero-rated and all others in-between. You’ll be able to target new audiences and new markets through business, as well as technical agility.

By integrating the functionality required to provide seamless video services we make your business operations more efficient. You operate your service through unified web interfaces, allowing you to utilise network capability as part of your everyday business operations.

In understanding the context of the content flowing across it our architecture learns and pro-actively configures the mobile network to take full advantage of available bandwidth. Our technology maximises network utilisation without quality being affected, so the consumer is unaware of any change – all they see is a great service.

We’d love to tell you more, so come see us at the Cisco stand in Hall 3, #3E30, or register for our free webinar here.


Adam Davies

Technical Leader, Engineering

Service Provider, Video Solutions