Yoav Schreiber

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Video Marketing

Yoav Schreiber is responsible for driving thought leadership and product marketing for Cisco’s cloud-based video infrastructure, which power multiscreen video experiences delivered by service providers and media companies worldwide.

Before joining Cisco, Yoav was Senior Analyst for Digital Media Infrastructure at Current Analysis where he built the company’s video networking market and competitive intelligence service. Yoav has been a speaker and moderator at Digital Hollywood, IPTV World Forum, NAB, NCTA, and Telco TV. Previously, Yoav worked at the Corporate Executive Board and the Precursor Group. Yoav received his Bachelor’s Degree from Tufts University, and has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago.

Yoav lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife and children, but without a TV. You can also find him on Twitter @yschreiber.


September 16, 2018


Your Media Gateway between the Data Center and the Wide Area Network

At the #CiscoIBC booth we are showcasing Data Center Interconnect use cases for media. While the foundation is the scalable throughput of the ASR 9000, we are demonstrating simplified network operations with Segment Routing to optimize traffic flows combined with API programmability to push traffic engineering policies across the network

September 14, 2018


Powering AI Workloads in Media and Entertainment

The possibilities are endless with Cisco’s data center infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence workloads. Experience how GPU-accelerated processing of data can open AI and transform how content is created and curated.

Cisco@CES: Changing the Equation for Live Streaming and ABR Video Quality

It turns out, you can trick out your video encoder to conserve bandwidth, while improving picture quality. See the results in a new white paper from Cisco.

Cisco@CES: Cloud Architectures for Scaling Video: Three Use Cases From Our Customers

CES is all about consumer experiences -- mostly video, and increasingly driven from the cloud. I want to share three examples of how we’re helping our customers to scale up.

September 15, 2017


Video Aware Networking – A Performance in Four Acts

By taking advantage of the underlying, “video aware” network, to squeeze down latencies, we can help your IP delivery more closely align with the “gold standard” of traditional broadcast television.

As Broadcast Focuses on IP, Video Quality Moves Front and Center

The shift from “traditional” broadcast to IP video is on, and was more real than ever at NAB this year. Key takeaways from the Cisco booth and show floor.

Lights, Camera, Action: Sparking Conversations with a Live Demo at NAB

NAB 2017 triple threat: enhanced the demo experience, excited customers and pushed the envelope with live demos, showcasing Cisco’s engagement with the media industry transformation to IP.

Cisco@NAB: Those Packets of Video that Really Matter to Broadcasters and Content People

The shift by broadcasters and content owners to move their content away from satellite has started a new IP migration approach to reduce cost and preserve video quality.