Network Engineering

April 17, 2024


How To Get Started Using LLMs in IT and Network Engineering

3 min read

LLMs can be thought of as the engine of Generative AI. See four use cases for using LLMs in applications specific to IT and network engineering.

June 26, 2018


#CiscoChat Live June 28: The Networking Engineer of 2022

1 min read

Bring your questions and head over to the Enterprise Networks Facebook page to watch the #CiscoChat as it happens. #CiscoDNA

March 13, 2017


Network Evolution and Network Engineering

3 min read

The role of the network has been top of mind lately as another defining moment in networking history is on the horizon.  In a nutshell, network engineering must change—again. It changed when voice was added to the network. It changed again when video went main stream.  Now, we must respond to another change—serving the application. […]