Large Language Models (LLM)

April 17, 2024


How To Get Started Using LLMs in IT and Network Engineering

3 min read

LLMs can be thought of as the engine of Generative AI. See four use cases for using LLMs in applications specific to IT and network engineering.

March 26, 2024


Securing the LLM Stack

7 min read

Learn how to secure the LLM stack, which is essential to protecting data and preserving user trust, as well as ensuring the operational integrity, reliability, and ethical use of these powerful AI models.

January 26, 2024


The world convenes to discuss AI protections and policies amid growing data asymmetries

5 min read

This year we’ll see a movement for responsible, ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) that begins with clear AI governance frameworks that respect human rights and values.

December 13, 2023


(20)24 x 7 Tech Trends: AI Readiness, Adoption and Integration

7 min read

In just the past year, AI’s impact accelerated in startling ways. Many businesses are struggling to keep up, so Cisco is highlighting seven tech trends we expect to see in 2024 — and AI is integral across them all. Explore the novel ways in which you can leverage AI to unlock access, create business agility and deliver exceptional experiences.

November 21, 2023


Detecting Obfuscated Command-lines with a Large Language Model

5 min read

Obfuscation is often used by adversaries to avoid detection. This article describes a new approach to detect obfuscation using Large Language Models.

September 5, 2023


Taming AI Frontiers with Cisco Observability Platform

4 min read

Troubleshooting distributed, resource intensive Generative AI or Large Language Model applications can be daunting. Cisco Cloud Native Application Observability on Cisco FSO Platform gives you the power to correlate data with full-stack context across domains and data types.