Erika Dietrick

Developer Advocate

Cisco DevNet

Erika Dietrick currently works as a Developer Advocate (Security) at Cisco Systems in North Carolina, USA. Her six years of experience ranges from network to software engineering across Fortune 100s and startups alike; she has found herself in the cybersecurity space for most of that time. She holds CCNA and DevNet Associate certifications as well as a Master of Software Engineering from East Carolina University. You can follow her on most social media platforms @erika_thedev.


April 17, 2024


How To Get Started Using LLMs in IT and Network Engineering

3 min read

LLMs can be thought of as the engine of Generative AI. See four use cases for using LLMs in applications specific to IT and network engineering.

March 25, 2024


Identify and Investigate Uncommon DNS Traffic

4 min read

See how you can programmatically gain visibility into and investigate uncommon DNS requests using Cisco Umbrella APIs.