The wait is over! The Cisco IOS XE Model Driven Telemetry White Paper has arrived!

What are the benefits of understanding this white paper?

The industry is shifting from using SNMP to using YANG Xpaths because the YANG approach provides more telemetry data at a faster rate than SNMP. Using YANG saves customers both time and resources.

The purpose of the Cisco IOS XE Model Driven Telemetry White Paper is to deep dive into how to configure telemetry subscriptions and visualize that telemetry data using tangible use cases and examples. The paper includes topics from Day 2 of the programmability and automation lifecycle pictured below. This white paper is designed to be read either as a whole or in individual topic areas of interest. This empowers you as the reader to select the highest priority areas for your network automation needs. The paper shares additional resources such as learning labs, sandboxes, documentation and blogs about these cutting-edge programmability and automation concepts, protocols, tools and technologies.

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What’s included in the paper?

Learn about the various approaches to model driven telemetry from NETCONF and gNMI dial-in, gNMI over gRPC Tunnel and gRPC dial-out. Use tools such as YANG Suite, the Cisco Telemetry Broker or the Telegraf, Influx, and Grafana stack.

If you are curious to learn more about the topics mentioned above or within the programmability and automation lifecycle now is your chance to take the next step in your journey by reading and understanding the content within this new white paper!

Why should I read the white paper?

After reading this white paper you will be able to hit the ground running in your journey to becoming an IOS XE programmability and automation model driven telemetry power user. Whether you use telemetry every day or are interested in taking your first steps with telemetry, this white paper is for you! Cisco experts provide detailed explanations of programmability and automation topics throughout the white paper to help as you explore telemetry with Cisco IOS XE. For example, this white paper will explore how to build dashboards to collect sustainability data like Power over Ethernet (PoE) and where to find the YANG models used to create the telemetry subscriptions for those models.

 sustainability dashboards

Whatever your telemetry use case may be, this white paper will help you understand YANG Xpaths and creating telemetry subscriptions.

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Why are you still reading this blog…? Head to the white paper–your telemetry adventure awaits!

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