Ready to dive deeper into Cisco IOS-XE programmability, automation, and telemetry? And planning to attend Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam, February 6 – 10, 2023? Then I hope you’ll join us for some great learning sessions. These sessions cover topics ranging from:

  • getting started with programmability and automation
  • tooling with YANG Suite and Terraform
  • gaining hands-on experience with open source solutions for model driven telemetry and machine learning

Here are some details of these upcoming Cisco Live sessions: 

DEVWKS-2270 – Implementing Cisco IOS XE Model Driven Telemetry with Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana 

This hands-on workshop double-clicks on the session on this topic presented at the previous Cisco Live event where Model Driven Telemetry was detailed and demonstrated. Now let’s get hands on with Ubuntu, Docker, the Telegraf, Influx and Grafana (TIG) stack, and Catalyst devices to really understand the power and capabilities of YANG data models and the Model Driven Telemetry API’s available. 

New this year DevNet workshop seating is pre-registered attendees are seated first. There are only 20 laptops available for this session. This is a hands-on DevNet Workshop where you code along with an instructor. 

By attending this DevNet Workshop, you will be eligible to earn Cisco Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

DEVLIT-1965 – Automation using multiple API’s in the IOS XE Device Programmability Lab 

Understand about the various scripts, scripting languages, API’s, and integrations that are used within the IOS XE programmability lab to deliver training and learning events. Technologies including Bash, Python, PowerShell, vCenter, IOS XE among others are all integrated to provide and automated lab environment. 

BRKEWN-2730 – Everyday Wireless Operational Headaches: Cured using Programmability! 

This session provides an overview of the programmability and automation features that are supported on the Cisco IOS XE Catalyst 9800 platforms. An overview of the YANG based API’s and the associated YANG Suite tooling will be used extensively throughout this session, in addition to gRPC and gNMI. The Model Driven Telemetry capabilities will also be discussed and the example Docker container for collection and visualization will be demonstrated as well as example dashboards from Grafana for Client and AP visibility. Let’s not forget Guest Shell, EEM, the Python and NETCONF API, and other innovations around Zero Touch Provisioning that enable WLCs to be deployed, managed, and configured with ease at scale. 

DEVLIT-2787 Explore and visualize YANG models with YANG Suite 

YANG Suite tooling provides us visibility into YANG models to view operational data, configure features, and stream telemetry on Cisco IOS XE, IOS XR, and NX-OS devices with programmatic interfaces including NETCONF, RESTCONF, gNMI, & gRPC telemetry. 

DEVLIT-2083 Automate Cisco IOS XE Device Configuration Using Terraform 

Terraform is an open-source cloud native tooling. Terraform is an infrastructure provisioning tool with zero server-side dependencies and a single binary file. Terraform for Cisco IOS XE utilizes RESTCONF and the YANG interface. It is comparable to Ansible tooling, and the two can be used together. 

LTRSPG-2161 – Telemetry >> Visualization >> Machine Learning 

The power of the data lies in its timely processing. We will work hands-on on a complete data journey from infrastructure nodes [IOS-XR & IOS-XE] to collection, storage in Time Series Data Base (TSDB), visualization, then Machine Learning in near real-time for anomaly detection. 

Browse the full session catalog and register for Cisco Live EMEA 2023. Looking forward to seeing you at Cisco Live in Amsterdam! 

Not able to attend Cisco Live this time? No worries! Check out Cisco IOS XE programmability sessions from these previous Cisco Live Events: 

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 No matter where you are on your programmability and automation journey, here’s to diving deeper and learning more! 

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