Back in December 2022, my colleague Jeremy Cohoe wrote a blog post announcing the availability of a white paper on Catalyst programmability and automation. Whether you are new to Cisco IOS XE programmability or already a seasoned developer, I’m sure you’ll learn something new if you read this whitepaper. The team writing the whitepaper has done a fantastic job at discussing topics around model driven programmability and telemetry, YANG data models, NETCONF, RESTCONF, gNMI, Ansible, Terraform, YANG Suite, pyATS, and much more.

Live demo webinar gets you started

To help you even more with Cisco IOS XE programmability and automation, we have a webinar coming in April 13th, 2023 at 10:00AM PT titled, “Cisco IOS XE device programmability and automation.” This demo heavy webinar will cover the full life cycle of a Cisco IOS XE device including

  • Day 0 provisioning automation
  • Day 1 configuration with model driven programmability
  • Day 2 monitoring and maintenance with model driven telemetry
  • Day N optimizations

We would love to make this webinar interactive, so make sure you register and have your questions ready.

Want to get introduced to IOS XE before the webinar? Visit the IOS XE Dev Center to find resources and learn more.

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