One of the great things about NAB Show is the opportunity to learn more about your colleagues. Chatting to one of her colleagues, it came up she had wedding insurance for her marriage next year. I hadn’t come across this previously but it’s a great idea.

This is a major event in someone’s life and requires the coordination of many different people, suppliers and providers. You need to make sure that it all works well, and, important that everyone works together. And if something goes wrong, then you’re covered.

So how can we make sure that everything runs smoothly with our work partnerships? Building your media business requires many complex relationships and interactions.

Cisco understands this and how important it is to make sure that all those valuable vendors deliver together.

We know that a great media ecosystem requires key partners with specific value and capabilities. Our partners bring their own unique value for scale, automation, workflows, storage and delivery.

We are your insurance, underwriting those relationships and guaranteeing that all of those moving parts work together.

If you want to find out more about how we deliver on great partnerships for your media business then come see us at.


Adam Davies

Technical Leader, Engineering

Service Provider, Video Solutions